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Featured Image for Garland ISD Summer Schools

Proven Results

Garland ISD Summer Schools

To boost student learning and engagement during their summer school program, Garland Independent School District in Texas partnered with Progress Learning to work with their 5th grade students. From pre- to post-test, students showed a 10+ point increase on 14 of the 23 tested standards. On an individual level, students excelled. Mason used Progress Learning […]

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Progress Learning Teacher Satisfaction

Are teachers satisfied with Progress Learning? Survey says… yes! For this study, we conducted two surveys to measure what teachers thought of the platform and if they believed it has helped increase student engagement. 90% of respondents were very likely or extremely likely to recommend Progress Learning to a colleague, and 96% claimed that Progress […]

Featured Image for PL – Elementary School Sees Increase in K-Prep Scores

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PL – Elementary School Sees Increase in K-Prep Scores

Bevins Elementary School had one clear goal: to help their 2nd-5th grade students prepare for proficiency of Kentucky Common Core standards on an individualized level. They turned to Progress Learning for help. Within just two years of using the program, they became a high performing school and a Kentucky School of Distinction. They saw a […]

Featured Image for Improving Student Achievement with PL TX

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Improving Student Achievement with PL TX

The State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness or STAAR is one of the most important standardized assessments in the state. This study found that schools using Progress Learning performed higher on this assessment and achieved greater standards mastery compared to non-user schools. Overall, schools using Progress Learning saw a 6-point increase in passing percentages. […]