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Progress Learning is a data-driven product that helps students master California state standards. Our platform provides 100% California standards-aligned resources, best-in-class data reporting, and unrivaled literacy and adaptive intervention. Close the achievement gap with our progress monitoring tools, including a teacher favorite—our dot rank system.

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Grades K-5

Progress Learning provides award-winning online activities, diagnostics, and assessments that can save teachers time and help students prepare for state testing. Progress Learning is built 100% to your state standards and provides a variety of amazingly effective solutions designed to maximize the performance of all students at every grade level in elementary and intermediate schools and districts.

Liftoff: Adaptive Intervention

Addressing Learning Gaps for Math and Reading

Grades 2 – 8

Liftoff identifies academic gaps by providing adaptive intervention and a highly engaging learning environment to help students reach specific academic standards. Teachers and interventionists can engage with a variety of reports to help them monitor their students’ progress and assist in planning small group instruction.

Improve student performance with our resources for elementary school students.


  • Kindergarten ELA (CA CCSS)
  • Kindergarten Math (CA CCSS)


  • 1st Grade ELA (CA CCSS)
  • 1st Grade Math (CA CCSS)


  • 2nd Grade ELA (CA CCSS)
  • 2nd Grade Math (CA CCSS)


  • 3rd Grade ELA (CA CCSS)
  • 3rd Grade Math (CA CCSS)
  • 3rd Grade Science (CA NGSS)


  • 4th Grade ELA (CA CCSS)
  • 4th Grade Math (CA CCSS)
  • 4th Grade Science (CA NGSS)
  • NAEP Grade 4 Mathematics
  • NAEP Grade 4 Reading


  • 5th Grade ELA (CA CCSS)
  • 5th Grade Math (CA CCSS)
  • 5th Grade Science (CA NGSS)
  • 5th Grade Science CAST (CA NGSS)


  • Elementary School Writing

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