Blast off to Achieving Standards Mastery!

Grades K-5

Progress Learning provides award-winning online activities, diagnostics, and assessments that can save teachers time and help students prepare for state testing. Progress Learning is built 100% to your state standards and provides a variety of amazingly effective solutions designed to maximize the performance of all students at every grade level in elementary and intermediate schools and districts.

100% State Standard-Aligned

Like all of our products, our content is never simply “aligned.” We ensure all our questions are built from the ground up to prepare students for the rigor of their state standards. Teachers have the ability to create and share formative assessments, spiral reviews, benchmarks, or any other custom test.

Amazingly Effective Alien Explanations

Our revolutionary Alien Explanations provide video instruction to specific questions that make activities more engaging at each grade level. With Education Galaxy, your students will quickly master concepts because their instruction is memorable, unique, and tailored specifically to them. Schools that integrated our solutions in their classrooms averaged a 6-point increase in student performance on state tests. Help your students succeed while having fun!

Highly Affordable

We pride ourselves on offering the most effective and affordable solution available! Our pricing is transparent and straightforward, and we never charge based on the number of users or students. Our all-in pricing model provides coverage for your entire campus or district. Request a quote for your school or district.

Engages Young Learners

We firmly believe that when students are engaged, their capacity for learning greatly increases. We engage students through our unique reward and recognition program that enhances student learning without distracting them from the learning process.

Comprehensive Reporting for Teachers

Save time and filter reporting by student, class, grade level, subject, or school to quickly find the specific standards that students are doing well in and areas that require more instruction. Use individual student reports to help with parent-teacher conferences or student progress reports.

English and Spanish Modes

Assessment items and activities are available in both English and Spanish to develop and strengthen second language acquisition. Three different language modes allow you to customize the experience for each student. Choose whether to allow students to toggle back and forth between English and Spanish or to see questions in only English or Spanish.

Ready to explore more?

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