Mastering State Standards

Practice Makes… Progress!

Let’s strive for progress – not perfection. Progress Learning by USATestprep is a supplemental learning resource for schools and districts that helps middle school students master their state standards. Our product is 100% aligned with state standards and provides students with an age-appropriate experience, while engaging them with features inspired by Education Galaxy that are guaranteed to appeal to the middle school learner.

Why should your school use Progress Learning?

Supporting Entire School Districts

Easily streamline your supplemental learning resources using our products. We support a growth mindset and strive to help students progress towards mastery.

Did you know we support all K-12 grade levels? Our content is specifically designed to meet your students where they are.

Created by Teachers for Teachers

Our academics team is led and supported by educators who are responsible for creating content that is 100% aligned with standards in every state. We are constantly tracking changes to standards as well as evolving instructional requirements.

Students are provided with a personalized learning path highlighting standards where they may need additional practice.

We’ve made it easy for teachers to share assessments, assignments, and other activities across entire schools or even districts. Find affordable support for your entire school district with our library of products.

Personalized Learning at All Levels

Education is not a linear path for all students. With our product, every student gets a learning path or plan featuring specific standards uniquely aligned to their individual learning needs. Our middle school level includes additional games and themed lessons with interactive rockets and blasters to build excitement and engagement.

Easily Accessible Platform

Access the platform from anywhere on any Wi-Fi-enabled device. We make it easy for teachers to create assignments, share assessments, and track progress. Customize your classroom by integrating classes from Clever, ClassLink, Canvas, and Google Classroom, and even add a fun avatar. In addition to being easy to use, we offer an accessible price point for a full district solution.

Engaging Student Content

Our platform is full of engaging student content that inspires excitement in the classroom. Each subscription comes with access to a plethora of interactive classroom activities and games, plus tons of technology-enhanced items. Our content is personalized for each school level, so that your students have the most engaging experience possible. Let’s make mastering school standards fun!

Resources and Support

We are here to support our teachers. Reach out to our knowledgeable team or head over to our resource center for whitepapers, webinars, or self-paced certifications. Our Classroom Resources include virtual learning, printables, and projector tool exercises. With so many resources to choose from, you’ll never feel alone.

Remediation and Adaptive Intervention

Diagnostics and progress monitoring help educators understand which students are not performing at grade level so that they can provide the resources they need to catch up. Easily monitor progress by breaking down each domain by element and standard with a dot rank system to show where students stand in comparison to state standards.

Data and Feedback

District and school dashboards allow teachers to monitor the progress of students across subjects and grade levels. The data provided helps everyone better understand where students need remediation and identify trends that may inform curriculum and teaching strategies. Results are available in multiple formats and timeframes.

Ready to explore more?

Our team is made up of educators who understand the support students and teachers need. Sign up for a free demo to determine if Progress Learning is right for your school or district.