Liftoff: Adaptive Intervention

Addressing Learning Gaps for Math and Reading

Grades 2 – 8

Liftoff identifies academic gaps by providing adaptive intervention and a highly engaging learning environment to help students reach specific academic standards. Teachers and interventionists can engage with a variety of reports to help them monitor their students’ progress and assist in planning small group instruction.

Recover Learning Loss

Liftoff is a supplemental program that supports instruction by targeting specific academic standards in vertical alignment for math and reading that may have occurred due to learning loss.

Boost Student Engagement

Higher student engagement leads to better comprehension. Our unique format incentivizes and rewards achievement to promote growth. Rockets, aliens, and short games help keep students engaged in learning.

Differentiated Learning for All Instructional Levels

Liftoff recovers learning loss that has occurred by using diagnostics assessments to determine students’ learning levels. From there, students can begin to work on their own individualized learning plan.

Strengthen Second Language Acquisition

All of our content for grades K-8 is available in both English and Spanish. This is perfect for language learners in ESL, dual language, or bilingual instruction. Students can develop their language skills with 3 different language modes. Teachers can customize each student’s language settings by allowing students to toggle back and forth between English and Spanish or see questions in only English or Spanish.

NWEA MAP Integration

Liftoff also integrates with the NWEA MAP! Once students take their Beginning of the Year MAP assessment, you’ll be able to import your students’ RIT scores into Liftoff.

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