Texas Elementary School State-Standards

TEKS-aligned Practice, Assessments, and Intervention for K-12

With Progress Learning, educators can easily identify which standards their students have mastered and which ones require more practice. We provide tools that allow teachers to easily create adaptive learning opportunities in their classroom so all students can achieve their full potential.

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Standard Core Features Included:

  • K-12 TEKS-aligned content
  • Adaptive intervention and quick click remediation
  • Tech-enhanced items aligned to the STAAR® Online
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • All 4 core subjects (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies) - plus ACT/SAT prep
  • Test prep for state and nationwide assessments

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  • Kindergarten Math (TEKS)
  • Kindergarten Reading (TEKS)
  • Kindergarten Science (TEKS 2024)
  • Kindergarten Social Studies (TEKS Streamlined)

1st Grade:

  • 1st Grade Math (TEKS)
  • 1st Grade Reading (TEKS)
  • 1st Grade Science (TEKS 2024)
  • 1st Grade Social Studies (TEKS Streamlined)

2nd Grade:

  • 2nd Grade Math (TEKS)
  • 2nd Grade Reading (TEKS)
  • 2nd Grade Science (TEKS 2024)
  • 2nd Grade Social Studies (TEKS Streamlined)

3rd Grade:

  • 3rd Grade Mathematics (TEKS)
  • 3rd Grade Reading (TEKS)
  • 3rd Grade Science (TEKS 2024)
  • 3rd Grade Social Studies (TEKS Streamlined)

4th Grade:

  • 4th Grade Mathematics (TEKS)
  • 4th Grade Reading (TEKS)
  • 4th Grade Science (TEKS 2024)
  • 4th Grade Social Studies (TEKS Streamlined)
  • 4th Grade Writing (TEKS)

5th Grade:

  • 5th Grade Mathematics (TEKS)
  • 5th Grade Reading (TEKS)
  • 5th Grade Science (TEKS 2024)
  • 5th Grade Social Studies (TEKS Streamlined)

6th Grade:

  • 6th Grade Mathematics (TEKS)
  • 6th Grade Reading (TEKS)
  • 6th Grade Science (TEKS 2024)
  • 6th Grade Social Studies (TEKS Streamlined)


  • Elementary School Writing
  • NAEP Grade 4 Mathematics
  • NAEP Grade 4 Reading

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