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Fostering Social and Emotional Learning in an Academic Setting

by: Coral Ericson

Social and Emotional Learning, or SEL, has been at the top of the list of priorities in schools and districts, especially since the pandemic. It has become increasingly clear that the social and emotional needs of our students are a critical component of their overall educational experience and that SEL is foundational to their academic success. In order to be successful, students need to learn the ability to regulate emotions, engage with peers in a healthy manner, and set meaningful goals.


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Progress Learning Celebrates Learning

by: Coral Ericson

Progress Learning is committed to incorporating our four Core Values of Learning, Professionalism, Unity, and Diversity into every aspect of our company culture. These values are not simply there for us to “set and forget,” they are an integral part of our individual and collective goals. 

This quarter, we would like to take some time to spotlight our core value of Learning and highlight some ways in which we commit to a standard of excellence in Learning for all of our employees. Our company was founded by teachers, for teachers, and the needs of classroom teachers and students continue to drive our vision and our business.

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Keeping Up with Changes in Standardized Testing

The world of standardized testing is changing. As your trusted edtech solution, it’s our job to stay updated on all these changes and ensure you have the tools you need to keep up. From technology-enhanced question types to computer-adaptive testing, we’ll explain what all these new changes mean and how our platform can help your students feel confident and prepared on test day.