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What is SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) and What Does It Mean for Educators?

Here at USATestprep, a central aspect of our mission is to help educators prepare their students for state standard assessments and meet the requirements of academic rigor that will help them find success in their academic careers and beyond. That said, we also recognize that the academic subjects listed on a state’s standards aren’t the only areas of education that matter.  We believe, and research confirms, that a child’s social and emotional development are equally important in creating young people that are prepared to be successful in their lives, relationships, careers, and academic pursuits.

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New Online Testing for Texas: House Bill 3261

Over the last couple of years, the Texas Legislature has passed a series of bills with major implications for educators and students throughout the state. Everything from the way tests are administered to the tests themselves— and even how teachers are compensated— is in a state of transition.

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About Texas House Bill 3: Teacher Incentive Allotment

The Texas State Legislature passed House Bill 3 in 2019, resulting in a massive potential increase in the level of compensation that quality teachers can receive. This new Teacher Incentive Allotment promises to more effectively reward high-performing teachers and incentivize them to stay in teaching, and in Texas.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Teacher Incentive Allotment and how it will impact educators and school districts across the state.

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Texas House Bill 3906: What It Is and What It Means for Educators

The Texas state legislature recently voted to pass House Bill 3906, which ‘addresses several components related to assessments and administration.’ Written with input from actual educators and designed to provide more flexibility at the campus level when administering tests, HB 3906 should be a positive step forward for Texas education.

Here’s a guide to all of the main changes that have come from this new bill, including the most important impacts it will have on teachers.

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Announcing New Science Subjects for Updated South Carolina State Standards

The South Carolina Department of Education recently updated their standards for science instruction and assessment, moving from the existing SCAS standards to a new SCCCR standard


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USATestprep Impact Study Results

McREL International conducted a rigorous external study of the USATestprep Progress platform, using 6th Grade Mathematics achievement to determine the effect of the implementation of USATestprep Progress, for just one year, on student achievement.