Missouri Elementary School State-Standards

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  • Kindergarten ELA (MLS)
  • Kindergarten Math (MLS)

First Grade:

  • 1st Grade ELA (MLS)
  • 1st Grade Math (MLS)

Second Grade:

  • 2nd Grade ELA (MLS)
  • 2nd Grade Math (MLS)

Third Grade:

  • 3rd Grade ELA MAP (MLS)
  • 3rd Grade Math MAP (MLS)
  • 3rd Grade Science
  • 3rd Grade Social Studies (MLS)

Fourth Grade:

  • 4th Grade ELA MAP (MLS)
  • 4th Grade Math MAP (MLS)
  • 4th Grade Science (MLS)
  • 4th Grade Social Studies (MLS)
  • NAEP Grade 4 Mathematics
  • NAEP Grade 4 Reading

Fifth Grade:

  • 5th Grade ELA MAP (MLS)
  • 5th Grade Math MAP (MLS)
  • 5th Grade Science (MLS)
  • 3rd-5th Comprehensive Science MAP (MLS)
  • 5th Grade Social Studies (MLS)


  • Elementary School Writing

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