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Improving 5th Grade Science Milestones Scores at Northwest Laurens Elementary

Neeli Barwick M.Ed. teaches 5th grade science and math at Northwest Laurens Elementary School in Dudley, Georgia. We recently met up with her to learn how she used Progress Learning to increase her school’s Georgia Milestones scores in 5th grade science.

The results of using Progress Learning at Northwest Laurens Elementary were outstanding. In Neeli’s classroom, 71% of students scored threes and fours on the science Milestones (proficient learners and distinguished learners, respectively).

As a whole, the school achieved a remarkable 68% pass rate in 5th grade science, marking a significant improvement from the previous year’s 45% pass rate. Northwest Laurens Elementary surpassed the state average by nearly 30 points and was the top performing school in the
region out of 12 schools.

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