Now Offering Applications of Finite Mathematics (CoS) in USATestprep for Alabama

USATestprep is proud to have developed an in-depth study module built around Alabama’s Applications of Finite Mathematics course, providing one of the few standards-aligned products for this course in the state of Alabama.

Our Applications of Finite Mathematics product is available as part of both our all-in Alabama education bundle and our High School Mathematics bundle. 

But what is this new course, and how does it fit into Alabama’s curriculum? Here’s everything you need to know about Applications of Finite Mathematics and about USATestprep as a whole.

What is USATestprep?

USATestprep is a suite of standards-aligned practice tools for English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social studies, designed to help educators empower their students with the tools they need to succeed. 

Every course is aligned with state standards at every level, ensuring that no student is ever left without the knowledge they need to pass their readiness tests and continue their education. Meanwhile, we offer thousands of high-quality practice items, easy-to-use and easy-to-administer assessments, plus a flexible and affordable pricing model that lets educators pick the best plan for them.

Meanwhile, our efficacy reports show that USATestprep really works to help empower teachers, prepare students, and meet state standards across a range of courses.

Now our service extends to an underserved course in the Alabama curriculum— Applications of Finite Mathematics.

What is Finite Mathematics?

Applications of Finite Mathematics is described as an introduction into general mathematical thinking, allowing for problem-solving as it pertains to the most frequent types of problems encountered in everyday life and society (though not necessarily regularly encountered over the course of high school learning). 

Essentially, Applications of Finite Mathematics is ideal for students who are interested in entering fields of study or career pathways that do not require calculus, but who still wish to broaden and expand their understanding of core mathematical principles that can be applied throughout their lives.

Generally, Applications of Finite Mathematics will be required for Grade 11 students as an alternative to Mathematical Modeling or Precalculus. 

The standards for Applications of Finite Mathematics in Alabama are as follows:

Students will…

  1. Represent logic statements in words, with symbols, and in truth tables, including conditional, biconditional, converse, inverse, contrapositive, and quantified statements.
  2. Represent logic operations such as and, or, not, nor, and x or (exclusive or) in words, with symbols, and in truth tables.
  3. Use truth tables to solve application-based logic problems and determine the truth value of simple and compound statements including negations and implications.
    a. Determine whether statements are equivalent and construct equivalent statements.
    Example: Show that the contrapositive of a statement is its logical equivalent.
  4. Determine whether a logical argument is valid or invalid, using laws of logic such as the law of syllogism and the law of detachment.
    1. Determine whether a logical argument is a tautology or a contradiction.
  5. Prove a statement indirectly by proving the contrapositive of the statement.

Why This Course is Important

Finite Mathematics is a pathway to a better understanding and mastery of a range of topics, particularly in areas that don’t require calculus. These include elementary and early childhood education, English, history, art, music, and technical or trade certifications. 

It may also be helpful for students who are seeking to pursue a career in computer science and are looking for a supplemental course that will put them in the best possible position to succeed in this pursuit.

Finite mathematics is a subject that’s filled with concepts that are essential for anyone hoping to succeed in a fast-paced world, where technology is constantly changing, with topics that include logic, counting methods, information processing, graph theory, election theory, fair division, and other real-world problems. It also involves a heavy reliance on developing and using logic to solve problems and make legitimate arguments in favor of a specific path of action.

Why Choose USATestprep?

USATestprep is the proven partner for educators from K through 12 who want to see their students excel. From one of the most comprehensive databases of coursework available to a platform that’s easy for both administrators and students to use, USATestprep has everything you need to meet the goals both you and your state have for students.

Want to try it for yourself? Get a free demo of our brand new course and the entire USATestprep platform today!

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