End of School Year Activities for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students

Written by Dr. Sandra Markowitz, an experienced educator with 17 years in the field of Instructional Technology. Passionate about assistive technology, Universal Design for Learning, instructional strategies, and workflow solutions, Sandra brings innovative approaches to her teaching.

As the end of the school year draws closer, it’s time for reflection, celebration, and closure. The final weeks of school present a unique opportunity to engage students in activities that not only mark the end of a chapter but also celebrate their achievements and foster a sense of community. Whether students are in elementary, middle, or high school, the end of the school year signifies a transition, making it essential to provide meaningful experiences that leave a lasting impression.

As momentous as the end of the school year is, it can also present challenges for teachers. Students of all ages can find it difficult to focus on school work, and there are plenty of distractions that keep their minds away from the classroom. To keep students engaged right up until the final bell rings, teachers are looking for activities that are productive, but are dynamic and fun.

With the help of educational experts, we have compiled a list of end of school year activities appropriate for a range of grade levels across a variety of subjects – art, reading, science, and even math.

End of the Year Activities for Elementary School Students

1. Storybook Fair

Transform your classroom into a magical storybook fair where students can celebrate their favorite books and stories from the year. Teachers can set up themed stations based on popular books or genres and encourage students to dress up as their favorite characters. Host reading circles, storytelling sessions, and book-related crafts to engage students in literacy activities while reflecting on the students’ literary adventures throughout the school year.

2. Art Gallery Showcase

Turn your classroom into an art gallery to showcase students’ creative masterpieces from the school year. Display paintings, drawings, models, and other artwork created by students throughout various art projects completed in class. Invite parents and staff to complete a gallery walk with students. This will also give students the opportunity to discuss their artistic process, which fosters confidence and pride in their work.

3. Environmental Expedition

Take learning outdoors with an environmental expedition!  Organize a trip around your school grounds where students can engage in hands-on learning activities such as plant identification, wildlife observation, and habitat exploration.  Encourage students to connect with the natural world and develop a deeper appreciation for the environment. Make a lasting impression by installing a birdhouse.  Take a step further by having a picnic with your students.

4. Cultural Showcase

Celebrate diversity and cultural awareness by organizing a showcase featuring displays, presentations, performances, and food from different ethnicities and backgrounds represented in your school community.  Invite students and families to share their cultures through music, dance, food, clothing, and customs.

5. Memory Books

Have students create memory books filled with highlights from the school year. These books can include drawings, photos, and written reflections. Have classmates sign on the inside cover of each other’s memory books.

6. Classroom Rewards

Host a classroom rewards ceremony, during which students receive a personalized award recognizing their unique qualities and achievements. Take it a step further by allowing students to vote on class superlatives.

End of the Year Activities for Middle School Students

1. STEM Olympics

This is an opportunity for students to showcase their science, technology, engineering, and math skills through interactive challenges. Turn your classroom into stations with hands-on activities such as bridge building, designing paper airplanes, constructing towers, and solving puzzles. This encourages teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills as students compete in competitions to demonstrate their STEM skills.

2. Community Service Project

Organize a community service project. Allow students to instill a sense of civic responsibility in themselves by doing a campus clean-up or collecting food for a local food bank.

3. Time Capsule

Have students create a time capsule filled with mementos, letters to their future selves, and predictions for the upcoming school year. Make plans to revisit the capsule at the end of the next school year.

4. Career Day

Invite guest speakers from various professions to discuss their career paths and inspire students to explore their interests and aspirations. This will also allow students to discuss the classes they will sign up for as they transition to high school.

5. Outdoor Picnic

An outdoor picnic is an easy way to enjoy the last memories of the school year. It allows students to relax, socialize, and enjoy the warmer weather. Set up an area for outdoor games such as frisbee, soccer, volleyball, and badminton.

End of the Year Activities for High School Students

1. Senior Sunset Celebration

Host a special evening event where seniors gather to watch the sunset together, reflecting on their high school journey as they look forward to the future.  Provide snacks, music, and opportunities for students to share memories with classmates.

2. Escape Room Challenge

Create an immersive escape room experience where students must work together to solve puzzles and challenges related to their high school experiences. Incorporate themes and clues inspired by memorable events, as well as problem-solving skills, as students unlock the mystery and “escape.”

3. Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt with clues and challenges tailored to student experiences and milestones.  Include locations and landmarks significant to the students. Incorporate memorable elements and inside jokes to make the scavenger hunt memorable and meaningful for students on their high school journey.

4. Graduation Cap Decorating Party

Host a creative time where seniors can personalize their graduation caps with designs, quotes, and symbols that reflect their individuality. Provide art supplies to help students to unleash their creativity and express themselves. Encourage seniors to share the stories behind their cap designs as they prepare to walk across the stage.

5. Academic Olympics

Host an academic Olympics event where students compete in a series of challenging and engaging academic competitions across subjects. Develop activities such as trivia quizzes, math challenges, science experiments, etc. Organize teams or individuals to represent classes or grade levels. Award prizes to top performers to celebrate their achievements and encourage a culture of academic excellence.

End of Year Math and STEM Activities

1. Walter Filtration Challenge

Challenge students to design and build their own water filtration systems using common household materials. Provide sand, gravel, activated charcoal, and filter paper.  Students will use contaminated water samples to test impurities.

2. DIY Mini Greenhouse

Guide students in building their mini greenhouses to explore concepts of plant growth, ecosystems, and environmental science. Provide clear plastic containers, soil, seeds, and watering systems. Encourage students to design and construct their greenhouses considering factors such as light, temperature, and humidity control.

3. Bridge Building Challenge

Challenge students to design and construct bridges using everyday materials such as popsicle sticks, straws, and tape. Provide specifications for the bridge design, such as length, load, and material limitations (like the type of glue for example). Host a competition where students test the strength of their bridges.

4. Forensic Science Investigation

Transform your classroom into a crime scene investigation lab where students can apply forensic science to solve a mystery. Provide a simulated crime scene with evidence such as fingerprints, footprints, hair samples, and DNA samples. Challenge students to collect and analyze the evidence.  Guide students through the process of interpreting the evidence.

5. Math Mystery Challenge

Engage students in a day of math mystery. Students will use their problem-solving skills to unravel clues and solve a mystery. Provide a series of math puzzles, riddles, and logic problems related to a storyline. Students will work together to decode the clues for the challenge and solve the mystery.


It’s essential to wrap up the school year with excitement to keep students engaged and help them conclude and retain learning from the year. The activities outlined here cater to every grade level, ensuring that students of all ages can celebrate their achievements, foster connections, and create lasting memories. Whether it’s transforming classrooms into storybook fairs, hosting STEM Olympics, or organizing senior sunset celebrations, these end of the year activities leave an impact on students.  

However, as you plan these activities, remember to be flexible and adaptable to meet the unique needs of your students. Preparation is key, so ensure you have all the necessary materials and resources at hand.  

As educators, we have the privilege of shaping the experiences that our students will carry with them for years to come. Let’s make sure that we bid farewell to this school year, we do so with a sense of joy and accomplishment. 

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