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Boosting Missouri Students’ Success with MAP Grade-Level and EOC Practice Assessments from Progress Learning

Missouri’s end-of-year and end-of-course assessments (MAP Grade-Level and EOC) are crucial milestones for students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in core academic subjects. These assessments not only gauge student achievement but also inform educators of areas where students may need additional instruction to reach proficiency. To support Missouri students’ success, Progress Learning is proud to offer practice assessments aligned with state standards in Math, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. 

Benefits of Practice Assessments

Practice assessments can help students and educators in several ways. First, they offer students the chance to become familiar with the content, format, and question types of the actual assessments. This familiarity can reduce anxiety and improve confidence, leading to better performance. Second, practice assessments help identify where a student may need extra support, enabling educators to focus their instruction. Lastly, practice assessments provide valuable feedback on a student’s strengths and weaknesses, which can guide further learning and goal setting. 

Features of Progress Learning’s Practice Assessments 

Progress Learning’s practice assessments are closely aligned with the content, format, and rigor of the state assessments. This alignment provides a realistic preview of what students can expect on test day and ensures that educators receive accurate data for their planning. Additionally, the assessments are designed to meet the needs of a variety of learners, including those with accommodations or modifications. 

How to Use Progress Learning’s Practice Assessments

To effectively use Progress Learning’s practice assessments, educators can incorporate them into their instruction at various points throughout the school year. We recommend preparing for and administering them only once as we have made them as close to the real assessments as possible.

Educators can use the data collected from the practice assessments to inform their instruction and personalize learning for each student. For students, it is essential to approach the practice assessments with a growth mindset and view them as an opportunity to learn. Students can also use the feedback from their assessments to set goals and track their progress toward proficiency. 

Progress Learning’s MLS-Aligned Instructional Materials

In addition to practice assessments, Progress Learning offers a comprehensive suite of instructional materials that are 100% aligned with Missouri Learning Standards (MLS). These include engaging videos, interactive activities, and rigorous assessments. The materials are designed to support diverse learners, including struggling students, English Language Learners, and those who are on or above grade level. 

Practice tests are invaluable tools that can help Missouri students prepare for their assessments and achieve academic success. Progress Learning’s offerings provide a high-quality and comprehensive approach to standards-aligned teaching and learning. By utilizing these practice assessments and standards-aligned materials, educators and students can work together to improve student achievement and reach proficiency in core academic subjects.

Progress Learning’s Missouri Practice Assessments Include:

  • 3rd Grade ELA MAP Practice Assessment 
  • 4th Grade ELA MAP Practice Assessment 
  • 5th Grade ELA MAP Practice Assessment 
  • 6th Grade ELA MAP Practice Assessment 
  • 7th Grade ELA MAP Practice Assessment 
  • 8th Grade ELA MAP Practice Assessment 
  • English II EOC Practice Assessment 
  • 3rd Grade Math MAP Practice Assessment 
  • 4th Grade Math MAP Practice Assessment
  • 5th Grade Math MAP Practice Assessment 
  • 6th Grade Math MAP Practice Assessment
  • 7th Grade Math MAP Practice Assessment 
  • 8th Grade Math MAP Practice Assessment 
  • Algebra I EOC Practice Assessment 
  • 5th Grade Science MAP Practice Assessment 
  • 8th Grade Science MAP Practice Assessment 
  • Biology EOC Practice Assessment 
  • Government EOC Practice Assessment 

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