Announcing The Winner of Our 2023 Bulletin Board Contest

Each year during October, we host a bulletin board contest where we invite our K-12 educators and school administrators to share their Progress Learning bulletin boards. We love this annual tradition and seeing all the creative ways our educators use their bulletin boards to engage their students. 

Let’s quickly go over what a Progress Learning bulletin board is before announcing our winner!

What Is a Progress Learning Bulletin Board?

Progress Learning and our adaptive intervention program, Liftoff, offer various built-in rewards that engage and motivate students. As students move up in their learning and master their standards, they earn fun and engaging rewards such as games and tokens. For example, our elementary students earn Alien Rankings and Galaxy Stars, and our secondary students earn Green Dots for all the standards they master.

Educators can then use these built-in rewards to create inspirational Alien Ranking or Galaxy Star/Green Dot Challenge bulletin boards, which can be used in their classroom or school. These boards serve as a visual representation of students’ goals and their progress over time. They promote student engagement and encourage students to work hard in their practice. They also foster a sense of pride and achievement. Students are excited to earn rewards and love being celebrated and recognized for all their hard work.

Each of our educators has a unique approach to creating their bulletin board. Some educators create interactive displays that allow students to move their star or spaceship down the wall as they progress in Galaxy Star or Alien Rankings. Others opt for a more competitive approach where the class is divided into teams and must earn as many Green Dots as possible. However educators choose to set up their bulletin boards, the result is a dynamic visual display that keeps students motivated and engaged. 

And The Winner Is…

The winner of this year’s Progress Learning bulletin board contest is Keri Jefferson, a curriculum/instructional leader at Roth Elementary in Klein ISD, Texas! Her school held a Green Dot Challenge every single week. Winners received school-wide recognition and an alien stuffed animal that they got to proudly display in their classroom for that week.

As the winner of the contest, Keri received an Amazon gift card for her school. Congratulations, Keri!

Honorable Mentions

Keri wasn’t the only educator with an amazing bulletin board. We also wanted to give a special shoutout to 4 educators and school administrators who each created a fun and unique display:

  • Jessica Steele, an educator at Bellview Middle School in Escambia County Public Schools, Florida
  • Elizabeth Dennis, an educator at Brown Elementary in Whitehouse ISD, Texas
  • Edna Hernandez, Assistant Principal at Laureles Elementary in Los Fresnos CISD, Texas
  • Lauren Mosely, an educator at Hattie Dyer Elementary in Krum ISD, Texas

All of our educators brought their A game to this year’s bulletin board contest! Thank you for participating — we can’t wait to see what you do next year!



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