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USATestprep and Education Galaxy are Now Progress Learning

Following the 2020 acquisition of Education Galaxy, we’re excited to share the next phase of our integration. Education Galaxy and USATestprep have merged to become Progress Learning.

We wanted to share this exciting news to inform you —the educators, administrators, teachers, parents, and students who make everything we do worthwhile—about what you can expect moving forward and answer some questions about this next phase in our mission to help every student master their state’s standards.

Why the New Name?

Our mission has always been to help every student master their state’s standards so that they can not only pass required tests but also progress to the next level of their education while learning the key masteries that will help them excel at the next grade level or in their next stage of life.

As we’ve expanded our capabilities by merging USATestprep with Education Galaxy, we’ve determined that our previous name didn’t fully represent our mission, goals, or capabilities. We don’t just seek to prepare students for what will appear on state-required tests and assessments. We aim to ensure that every student experiences forward progress in their educational journey, moving from one stage to the next, from one grade level to the next, and from one phase of their education to the next on their way to becoming educated and informed adults.

What Can You Expect from Progress Learning?

The same capabilities and benefits you loved about USATestprep and Education Galaxy will continue with Progress Learning, with even more features and offerings to empower every student and educator. Personalized and powerful teaching tools, industry-leading support, and a constantly updated library of resources based on new and changing state standards will continue to define our platform. 

That said, there are many exciting improvements that will make Progress Learning an even more essential resource for educators and students nationwide. Here are some of the tools and capabilities we’re most excited about, all of them developed and supported by a team of educators, former teachers, and experts on K–12 learning.

Remediation and Adaptive Intervention

One of the most essential elements of an educational resource is its ability to identify students who need particular support in certain areas, then adapting their learning experience to meet their unique needs. Our diagnostics and progress-monitoring reports help educators understand areas in which their students are underperforming relative to their grade level. Then, with just a click, they can personalize that student’s learning path to quickly and effectively close those gaps. 

Our simple and highly visual dot rank system makes it easy to assess a student’s progress at a glance—an essential tool for educators tracking dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of students at a time. Meanwhile, our Liftoff system identifies academic gaps and provides adaptive intervention to help students reach specific, targeted academic standards using a highly engaging learning environment.

Engaging Content by Grade Level

One of the primary reasons we were so excited to expand USATestprep’s offering with Education Galaxy is their unmatched ability to create engaging, exciting, and effective learning content geared toward our youngest learners. Progress Learning is now the most powerful tool for keeping our younger students engaged and our older students on track as they progress through their school careers.

District-Wide Collaboration Tools

No school operates in isolation. With our district accounts, you can view performance trends across multiple schools—from overarching trends to individual classrooms or students. District users can also create assessments, distribute those assessments across campuses, and make collaboration between schools easier or more effective.

Mobile & Accessible

All of our content is fully accessible from any web-enabled device, ensuring students the ability to always reach their lessons, assessments, and activities regardless of being inside or outside the classroom. When accessed on a small mobile device, our platform automatically adapts to be optimized for smaller screens without sacrificing quality.

A New Beginning

We can’t wait to see how educators everywhere use Progress Learning to help prepare their students for the future. If you want to learn more about Progress Learning and how it can serve your classroom, your school, or your district, contact us for a free demo.

To request a quote, simply fill out this form here. If you’re an existing customer, please sign up for one of our live training sessions to fully explore the new and improved platform.

You can watch the Progress Learning Launch Video here.

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