Hear What Our Educators Have to Say.

“During my time serving as Assistant Principal for Instruction, the administration team led the initiative to utilize Progress Learning as an instructional tool for teachers. Teachers built assessments using Progress Learning and allowed the data to drive the instruction in their classroom. The data provided was some of the best I had seen during my 15 years in education. This data allowed our teachers to move the school from an average rating to an excellent rating on the state report card. I am currently serving as Director of Secondary Instructional Support Services in a new district where we are rolling out the assessment tool in Progress Learning. I have no doubt our teachers will experience the same results here. I started work for Anderson School District 5 on July 8, 2019, as Director of Secondary Instructional Support Services. During my short time in the district we have tied the teacher’s Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) to Progress Learning Benchmark tests. The teachers are excited to utilize such a great program and the administrators are appreciative to have the data provided by the assessment component.”

— Hannah Arnold, Anderson 5 District Office, SC

“Progress Learning is truly a dream resource! It has taken so much of the guesswork out of data collection. I use it for formative assessments, as a remediation/ enrichment/ acceleration tool, and ultimately as progress monitoring. It has totally changed the way I am able to know where my students are and see what I as an educator can do to help them most. It has also given my students a way to truly monitor their own progress. I have spent this year bragging to everyone I can about how effective it can be!”

— Kirstin Lewis, Jasper County High School, GA

“The most honest thing I can say about Progress Learning is that it has impacted my classroom more than any other program or website I’ve used in my 6 years of teaching. Being a fairly young teacher, I feel that we have a pretty good grasp of all the ‘new and improved’ resources that are available for the classroom, but we have to be trusted from our administration through experiences and data-proven results to get them to ‘buy in’ to a recommendation. The 3 things I was looking for was that it was user-friendly, data-driven, and standards-aligned. I stumbled upon Progress Learning and decided to give it a trial run and see where it could go. This program exceeded all expectations and goals I was looking for all along. This is so user-friendly; I helped a coworker who had problems checking her email get set up and started on her own. This is so data-driven that you can pre-test, post-test, benchmark, and quickly get informal assessments. Better than any of this is the standard alignment. It breaks down the whole framework of the class by Unit, Standard, and Element and has built-in activities, tests, games for each. Progress Learning really gives you anything you can need for a subject and leaves it up to the teacher for how they want to implement it into their own classroom. It completely helped me manage my own data-driven classroom and improve my test scores better than they have ever been. Thank you, guys, for the work you put into the resource that I get to use in my classroom. I’ll always be a walking advertisement!”

— Corey Phillips, Lakeview Middle School, GA

“Progress Learning is a game-changer when it comes to education. The diverse selection of content, along with excellent pre-made tests (that grade themselves) has made my teaching so much more fun and easy!”

— Bill Batson, Honea Path Middle School, SC

“Progress Learning has been instrumental in helping me reach the needs of all my students. In one classroom you can have so many different levels of learning that finding activities to benefit all of them is tough. Progress Learning has helped solve this problem for me. I like to give assessments on Progress Learning and then, based on their scores, differentiate their activities. Some students will need reteach activities and I will use Progress Learning to assign them videos and performance tasks. For my students that need enrichment, Progress Learning is good for that, too. I can have them preview upcoming units or do a crossword puzzle with vocab words. And they love the games- they don’t even know they are learning! There are so many great things about Progress Learning that these are just a few- I could go on and on.”

— Kerri Hirsch, GA

“As a classroom teacher, Progress Learning was a phenomenal piece of the puzzle I used to ensure students were mastering content, progressing toward goals, determining gaps in knowledge, and engaging. Tons of pros with Progress Learning. There’s variety – whole class activities and games, preloaded assessments and quiz banks, performance tasks, benchmarking, review videos, interactive and content-based games.”

— Shane P.

“Progress Learning has been integral in shaping my philosophy of education. Learning is the combination of inquiry and exposure. Through continuous practice, a student develops the mastery and confidence necessary to be academically successful. Progress Learning provides a platform for continuous practice. My math team and I recognized our math curriculum provided limited opportunities for practice. We developed a plan to encourage students to participate in continuous math practice and to monitor their progress. Over the course of the school year, our 6th Grade Math students answered over one million math problems in Progress Learning! Students were proud of their accomplishments in Progress Learning (so many green dots!) and we celebrated their hard work. As a result of this continuous practice, the percentage of students scoring below proficient on the state math assessment decreased significantly from one year to the next. The growth was recognized by the leadership of our district and we gave all the credit to Progress Learning. As a result, more grade levels and students are relying on Progress Learning and the results continue to improve across the district.”

— Andrew Chapman, Georgia Connections Academy, GA

“I signed up for a trial back in the early 2000s and loved it so much that I wrote PTSA grants to fund subscriptions for my school. I use Progress Learning for warm-up questions, formative assessment, and differentiated student practice. With the help of Progress Learning, especially the progress tracker and Green Dot Challenge, my students have become active participants in their own learning. I love the flexibility in creating assignments and assessments. Progress Learning has been an absolute lifesaver when it comes to the Data Team process – especially with creating common formative assessments. The data provided by assignments and assessments is priceless in driving future instruction. And the way I have been able to use Progress Learning to get my students involved in their learning has been a game-changer. I’d be a good Brand Ambassador because I’ve used the program for years and truly believe in it. I secured funding not once, but twice when I worked in middle school and advocated to get it in the high school where I currently teach. I’ve trained teachers on how to use it since school shut down in March so their students could continue working on spiral reviews as well as learning new material.”

— Reina Floyd, Irmo High School, SC

“Progress Learning is a very useful teacher tool to evaluate student academic progress. Students have the ability to work on various modules (Standards) at their own pace or timed and are able to interact with Progress Learning that is meaningful to them and collects data for the teacher. Progress Learning is user-friendly and is a powerful data collector for either the individual student or for an entire class. Progress Learning has helped to improve student test scores across the curriculum. It is an extremely useful tool to help prepare our students for high-stakes testing. The prep questions are realistic and some students have reported that they have seen similar, if not the same, questions on the test. I will always use this product to give my students the edge they need for testing. I choose Progress Learning because my school district paid for it and I found that it works. The student modules really help to build bridges to their learning. I have seen student test scores rise 10%, 20 %, even 30% overall.”

— Michael F., GA

“We use quite a few different pieces. We find that the rigor is there. For example in ELA, while it may be the same passage available for grades 5 and 6 the items are different because the standards are different. Progress Learning really helps with the vertical alignment piece. Data wise, the teachers use Progress Learning during collaboration. So they will sit down with their summatives that they’ve designed in their benchmarking program and look at the data and see what areas they may have issues with, strengths, weaknesses, etc. From the district perspective, I go in and I’m constantly looking at how the kids have done on a particular summative that the teachers have designed and may pull some additional items that I think they need to look at and then the building principals are in there as well to see how things are going. It provides some really good reports.”

— Roblyn Melton, Farmington R-7 District, MO

“I use Progress Learning to assist my students in passing the FSA, ACT or SAT. I assess each student and place them in their most difficult category. I then independently assign them a group of activities, 24 to be exact, with a module test afterwards that focuses just on that area of weakness. We track growth at the end of the quarter then reassess the next quarter, assigning them a new lowest category to work on. Many students have said this has been the main ingredient that has helped them get the scores they were looking for on their standardized test.”

— Keeley McEwen Fornal, Cape Coral High School, FL

“Ever since signing up for a trial of Progress Learning, I knew it was something special. From the bell ringers, lessons, assessments, activities, and games, there is something for every student that walks into the classroom. Personally, I use Progress Learning to enhance my lessons that I teach throughout the week. Once every week in class, I take time for students to log in and complete the resources that are available on the standard that I am teaching. At the end of the day, I go in and look at the dot ranking of each student to see how I am doing presenting the lesson to my students. If I see that most students are struggling after a taught lesson, this gives me the ability to return to the lesson to give additional support to the students. If the majority of my class succeeds with the lessons, I then reward students for their hard work and remediate using the options available. My students get so excited for ‘Progress Learning Day’ because I’ve turned the Green Dot Challenge into a competition between each of my classes!”

— Adam Weatherford, East Marion Elementary School, MS