Andrew Chapman

“Progress Learning has been integral in shaping my philosophy of education. Learning is the combination of inquiry and exposure. Through continuous practice, a student develops the mastery and confidence necessary to be academically successful. Progress Learning provides a platform for continuous practice. My math team and I recognized our math curriculum provided limited opportunities for practice. We developed a plan to encourage students to participate in continuous math practice and to monitor their progress. Over the course of the school year, our 6th Grade Math students answered over one million math problems in Progress Learning! Students were proud of their accomplishments in Progress Learning (so many green dots!) and we celebrated their hard work. As a result of this continuous practice, the percentage of students scoring below proficient on the state math assessment decreased significantly from one year to the next. The growth was recognized by the leadership of our district and we gave all the credit to Progress Learning. As a result, more grade levels and students are relying on Progress Learning and the results continue to improve across the district.

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