Adam Weatherford

“Ever since signing up for a trial of Progress Learning, I knew it was something special. From the bell ringers, lessons, assessments, activities, and games, there is something for every student that walks into the classroom. Personally, I use Progress Learning to enhance my lessons that I teach throughout the week. Once every week in class, I take time for students to log in and complete the resources that are available on the standard that I am teaching. At the end of the day, I go in and look at the dot ranking of each student to see how I am doing presenting the lesson to my students. If I see that most students are struggling after a taught lesson, this gives me the ability to return to the lesson to give additional support to the students. If the majority of my class succeeds with the lessons, I then reward students for their hard work and remediate using the options available. My students get so excited for ‘Progress Learning Day’ because I’ve turned the Green Dot Challenge into a competition between each of my classes!”

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