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Progress Learning’s Free Downloadable Resources for Classroom Culture

Creating a positive classroom culture is important in ensuring a successful school year. To help build that culture, we have put together a variety of free downloadable activities available that celebrate student achievement. These activities not only encourage students to do their best, but also promote a sense of community within the classroom.  With a little bit of effort and these resources, building a positive classroom culture has never been easier!


Green Dot Challenge

The Green Dot Challenge is a fun and effective way to personalize learning in the Progress Learning platform. Students can navigate to any of their practice pages and work independently. Set specific parameters for how many (or in which) standards a student should earn green dots over a certain amount of time. Look at each individual student’s progress report to set learning targets. You can see the average scores and question counts (correct/total attempted in parentheses) for each standard. See how the Green Dot Challenge can empower all of your students, no matter their level.

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Galaxy Star Challenge 

Are you looking for a fresh and exciting way to motivate your students to engage with Progress Learning and Liftoff? Consider implementing a Galaxy Star Challenge! By tracking how many Galaxy Stars each student earns, you can celebrate their progress and mastery of learning standards. Not only will this approach encourage healthy competition among your class, but it will also help students take ownership of their learning and feel proud of their achievements. So why not blast off into a new level of motivation and engagement with your students? Try the Galaxy Star Challenge today!

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Alien Ranking Card Bulletin Boards


Celebrate student achievement by creating a Progress Learning Bulletin Board with Alien Rankings and/or Galaxy Stars! This will motivate students as they earn Galaxy Stars and increase their ranking in the Elementary platform (K-5th) or Liftoff (2nd-8th). You can create an inspirational board that shows current goals, an interactive board that lets students move their star or spaceship on the wall as they progress, or a competitive board that tracks the data you are focusing on as a team.

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