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Progress Learning’s Free Downloadable Alien Ranking Cards

Creating a positive classroom culture is important in ensuring a successful school year. To help build that culture, we have put together a variety of free downloadable activities available that celebrate student achievement. These activities not only encourage students to do their best, but also promote a sense of community within the classroom.  With a little bit of effort and these resources, building a positive classroom culture has never been easier!


Alien Ranking Card Bulletin Boards

Celebrate student achievement by creating a Progress Learning Bulletin Board with Alien Rankings and/or Galaxy Stars! This will motivate students as they earn Galaxy Stars and increase their ranking in the Elementary platform (K-5th) or Liftoff (2nd-8th). You can create an inspirational board that shows current goals, an interactive board that lets students move their star or spaceship on the wall as they progress, or a competitive board that tracks the data you are focusing on as a team.


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