Navigating Texas House Bill 1605 and Maximizing TEKS-Aligned Resources for Student Success

Texas House Bill 1605, or HB 1605 for short, is a significant piece of legislation that passed into law in the spring of 2023. It gives the SBOE (State Board of Education) more power to review and approve instructional materials and provides additional funding to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to adopt state-approved materials. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) and SBOE hope to use it as a roadmap for LEAs to follow while working to select a curricular resource. 

So, how do powerful TEKS-aligned resources like Progress Learning fit in? HB 1605 is a helpful tool for selecting and funding instructional materials, but it’s not the only one. The state is incentivizing instructional materials it reviews against an internally created rubric; however, Instructional Materials and Technology Allotment (IMTA) funding remains in place for local board-approved curricular resources, regardless of whether they are on the approved vendor list.

You can still make curricular choices for your LEA and students that align best with their needs and receive the same funding levels as you have in years past. Powerful TEKS-aligned tools and resources, like Progress Learning, can be harnessed to drive continued educational success.

Unpacking the Significance of HB 1605

Whether you’re a school or district leader, educator, or involved member of the community, it’s important to understand the implications of HB 1605 for Texas schools.

HB 1605 was signed into law with one specific purpose in mind: to help educators adapt to an ever-changing educational landscape, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill provides additional funding and clarity so educators can access resources and instructional materials that are aligned to state rubrics.

However, the list of approved vendors will be ever-changing and growing. That means that not all curriculum providers may be on the list during the earliest days of adoption. Materials that work best for your school should be taken into consideration even if they are not on the list — especially as the parameters for approval are still being determined. 

While HB 1605 introduces changes and additional funding, it does not remove choice from LEAs and schools. The bill, and list of approved vendors, can inform adoption but should not overshadow other resources that have served your community well. There are no consequences to continuing to use a curriculum that aligns with your school’s mission and meets the needs of learners, even if it is not on the approved vendor list.  

Beyond Approved Vendors: Progress Learning’s Commitment to Texas Educators

Beyond what will be on the approved vendor list in the first years of implementation, TEKS-aligned resources like Progress Learning provide powerful solutions for LEAs looking to close academic gaps and help students master state standards.

From kindergarten through 12th grade, all of our tools are 100% aligned to the TEKS, including pre-built and customizable formative and summative assessments, videos, games, worksheets, bell ringers, targeted intervention, and reporting. Most critically, Progress Learning helps identify standards students need more practice in and recommends instructional materials that allow educators to track performance in real-time. 

By harnessing the power of Progress Learning, educators can significantly enhance student performance on TEKS-based assessments like the STAAR. This improvement can also open doors to higher teacher designations, potentially leading to increased state-funded compensation. It’s a win-win for both educators and their students.

While HB 1605 provides additional clarity and funding for curriculum that passes its approval process, it does not limit educators in what they can use to deliver quality educational opportunities to their students. The bill is a tool to support and enhance students’ educational journeys in Texas, but it upholds the critical autonomy of educators and administrators to make choices that align with the specific needs of their schools.

Finding the Right TEKS-Aligned Solution

Finding your own resources for TEKS assessment, practice, and data tracking can be costly, time-consuming, and ineffective. Progress Learning is a 100% TEKS-aligned content solution with a suite of resources to enable educators to target student needs. 

Wondering what tools and resources we provide to help create real change?

  • 100% TEKS-Aligned Tier 1 Resources and Instructional Materials for Grades K-12
    • Bell ringers, lessons, assessments, and interactive activities are all TEKS-aligned and easily allow educators to respond to student needs. Research shows that Progress Learning increases test scores substantially. 
  • 100% TEKS-Aligned Tier 2 Adaptive Intervention for Grades 2-8
    • Liftoff Adaptive Intervention identifies foundational skill gaps in math and reading, and provides fun, engaging resources and activities to help close those gaps. 
  • SAT and ACT Readiness Programs
    • Horizon Education, an add-on available exclusively through Progress Learning, provides equitable SAT and ACT test prep by equipping students and teachers with highly effective readiness courses, benchmark assessments, and professional development.
  • Real-Time Data and Targeted Interventions
    • Educators can track low-performing TEKS in their classrooms in real time and provide interventions to address student needs. Administrators can get school- and district-wide data in just a click.
  • Customizable Assessments and Resources
    • Select from high-quality, STAAR-aligned questions and question types, or customize formative and summative assessments, bell ringers, and more. Districts, schools, and educators can tailor a wide variety of assessments to meet the unique needs of their students. 
  • Reporting for Continuous Improvement
    • State-of-the-art reporting allows educators to analyze student performance easily and quickly, make data-driven decisions, and continuously improve student outcomes. Coaches and leaders can use the data to aid in coaching interventions and improve department- and school-wide scores.


As Texas educators, it is essential to stay informed about the changes brought about by HB 1605 and explore the SBOE materials as they come out. However, it’s also important to recognize the value of the instructional materials you’re already using and continue to make curricular choices that align with your school’s goals and the unique needs of your students. TEKS-aligned offerings, like Progress Learning, can work in tandem with additional state-approved resources to provide well-rounded support for all students. 

Navigating House Bill 1605 may seem daunting, but Progress Learning is here to support you and your students every step of the way.

HB 1605 can be confusing on first read, but it doesn’t have to be! More information can be found on the Progress Learning blog or by going through the TEA website

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