Celebrating the Season of Kindness & Giving with Our Community

Discover all the different ways our Progress Learning Ambassadors and their students are spreading love and kindness on their campuses.

World Kindness Day was first celebrated in 1998 to promote kindness globally. It is celebrated every year on November 13th and is a way to recognize and encourage acts of kindness around the world. Kindness is a unifying principle that anyone can participate in and helps bring people together despite their differences. Anyone can be kind!

In honor of World Kindness Day and the Season of Giving, our Progress Learning team asked our amazing teacher ambassadors to share ways in which they were celebrating with their students and spreading kindness on their campuses. The responses we received were amazing, and we wanted to share them with our larger community. 

“Our students are all on student leadership teams. Our Kindness Team spreads kindness often, but one way is leaving encouraging notes around campus!” – Jessica Myers, Bonita Springs Charter School, Florida

“Our school has a set of challenges for students and staff to complete to ‘fill the buckets’ of others. After they are completed, we post them to celebrate!” – Sylvia Huber, Good Elementary, Irving ISD, Texas

“We are painting kindness rocks to set out around the community!” – Cassie Reynolds, Spring Creek Elementary, Texas

“We share kindness with snack carts for our teachers!” – Myrlanda Arizpe, Olmito Elementary, Los Fresnos CISD, Texas

“We will write sweet notes and pass out ‘kindness cookies’ to encourage others.” – Kreissa Reed, Neshoba Central Elementary, Mississippi

“Our school is currently doing a toy drive that will be donated to children in our community.” – Dakota Baker, Butterfield Elementary, Sanger ISD, Texas

“We do a kindness challenge week where if you get caught being kind you get a ticket and get to turn in tickets at the end of the week for prizes… but the thing is you never know who has the tickets or who is watching… could be students, or teachers, or anyone…” – Rebecca Moore, McLane Middle School, Florida

“Our students handed out notes to former teachers telling them how much they meant to them.” – Laura Burgess

“I randomly buy extra donuts and deliver them to coworkers, write notes of encouragement, and just try to be positive every day.” – Natasha Van Metre Garza

“We have a strong focus on SEL. We have been challenged to greet students in unique ways to make all feel welcome. One way we do this in my room is by having students share what they had for dinner the previous night. I make a large spreadsheet of their meal options. I tell them if I make their meal, they will get a piece of candy or small reward. It’s become a fun way to hear students share and create community in the classroom. It’s also fun to hear what they had for dinner and the meals have become quite elaborate. If a student doesn’t want to share, they can simply say pass.” – Nicole Teeter

As you can see, there are so many ways in which we can spread kindness in our communities. While World Kindness Day is a great reminder, we don’t have to wait for this special day to spread kindness. We can spread kindness anytime.

From all of us at Progress Learning, we would like to express our gratitude to our own community of educators, families, and students for sharing their kindness with us during this Season of Giving and every day of the year. 

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